TRAZ- Gen4 Ecoflex is one of our most popular LED strip ranges. For this range we only use 1Bin of LED for excellent color consistentcy.

Warranty: 3 Years replacement warranty

Power Per/M: 9.6w /  14.4w / 19.2w

Lumens Per/M:  1140 / 1750 / 2300 (3000k)

Voltage: 24V DC

CRI standard:   80+

CRI option: 90+ (Special order)

LED Binning: 3 Step MacAdam ellipse

Beam angle:  120 º

CCT Standard:   2700k / 3000k / 4000k

CCT option: 2100k / 2400k / 6000k (Special Order)

Dimensions 9.6w IP20: 50-5000(L)x8(W)x2.2(H)mm

Dimensions 9.6w IP65: 60-5010(L)x10(W)x4.2(H)mm

Dimensions 14.4w IP20: 33-5000(L)x10(W)x2.2(H)mm

Dimensions 14.4w IP65: 43-5010(L)x12(W)x4.2(H)mm

Dimensions 19.2w IP20: 25-5000(L)x10(W)x2.2(H)mm

Dimensions 19.2w IP65: 35-5010(L)x12(W)x4.2(H)mm

Max length: 5000mm

Ingress protection: IP20 & IP65 Silicone Jacket